Honey Bee Accountancy – The busy bee bookkeeper and accountant

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Welcome to Honey Bee Accountancy

At Honey Bee Accountancy we are here to help busy business owners remove the stress and hassle out business finance, accountancy and bookkeeping.

We have a range of fantastic services, including:

  • Hassle Free Bookkeeping
  • Stress Free Accounting
  • VAT Accounting
  • Company Start Up and Formation
  • Virtual Finance Director
  • Company Secretary

Best of all, this hassle free bookkeeping and accountancy service starts from just £1.99 a day!

At Honey Bee Accountancy we’ll be the busy bees, so that you don’t have to be(e)!


What do we do?

Honey Bee Accountancy – we are the busy bees so you don’t have to be! But, what does that actually mean?

Put simply, Honey Bee Accountancy can take away the hassle and stress of bookkeeping and accountancy, we do this starting from just £2.50 a DAY

We are cloud accounting experts and we know Xero “beautiful accounting” inside out. This means we can SAVE YOU TIME and SAVE YOU MONEY!

Yes, we are the time and money saving experts from Birmingham, covering your bookkeeping and accountancy requirements!